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Distance learning

Sanità di Frontiera distance learning intends to provide a summarized overview of the topics tackled during the residential courses “Health and Migration”.

By delivering content concerning the most significant topics tackled by the residential training courses, SDF distance learning wants to give a comprehensive overview without leaving out the complex core of the subjects dealt with. The distance learning course is divided into three sessions: “Moving people”, “Health” and “Invisible barriers”:

  • The session “Moving people” intends to put the training activity as a whole into context by outlining how the contingent necessity to respond to an immediate need for help and reception must be associated with a consistent regulatory and political action and ad-hoc professional skills in the medical field.
  • The session “Health” opens with an introduction on migration medicine and Italian policies on health care for migration, and provides two in-depth analyses – the first on epidemiology of infectious diseases and the second on assisting and taking care of migrant children – to improve the know-how, techniques and tools of professionals by effectively combining theory and practice.
  • The session “Invisible barriers” starts from the premise that the criticalities encountered by health workers when assisting migrants are often referable to the cultural distance separating them, and intends to provide fresh ideas to encourage a sensitive approach beyond competence and technical know-how.  Fundamental is the ability to acknowledge these barriers – especially when the traumas suffered are psychological, therefore difficult to be communicated and identified – and to subsequently effectively interact with patients.

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