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The Pablo Horstmann hospital in Anidan was inaugurated in April 2008 and provides health cover to the children from the district. Sanità di Frontiera has collaborated with the hospital since 2019.

The population living in this archipelago is estimated at 128,000 people, of whom 67,000 are children and youngsters under 19. Yet, the population the hospital refers to counts about 500,000 inhabitants including also those who come from the nearby land side who cannot access other paediatric hospitals.

The hospital pursues the key goal to provide health care free of charge to minors and to fight child malnutrition.

In 2018, the NGO Anidan Kenya, a partner of Sanità di Frontiera, signed an agreement with the local Health Department to carry out a training program on paediatrics and surgery directed to the health care professionals from the county. In exchange, the local authorities committed to taking care of a significant part of the medicine supply and to paying part of the healthcare professionals’ salaries (doctors and nurses) working at the Paediatric Hospital Pablo Horstmann.


Fostering health at the benefit of children and adolescents from the Lamu district in Kenya by:

  • improving the quality of the services and building health care capacity;
  • training the staff engaged in delivering health care services across the district and in the hospital;
  • fostering screening campaigns (gynaecology, paediatrics, dentistry, plastic and reconstructive surgery).


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