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The mobile clinic “Salute e Inclusione” has operated in Rome since October 2018 and delivers health care and guidance to social assistance services for the disadvantaged people, in particular migrants, with the aim to help improve their level of health and physical and mental well-being.

This service is implemented in partnership with ASL Roma 1, Policlinico Umberto I and Centro Nazionale per la Salute Globale, in the scope of the Project “Sanità di Frontiera” and can rely on the valuable contribution of Consulcesi Onlus, Obolo di S. Pietro, Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese and Fondazione Nazionale per le Comunicazioni (FNC).

Main activities

The main activities are the following:


  • Informing and guiding on the health care system and access to local services (public facilities and private social organizations) and assistance to the person with using local health care services.
  • Delivering a regular information service on the right to health.
  • Providing and disseminating material that may connect the project beneficiaries and the local services on.
  • Delivering health care services (general medical visits).

The team is made of a doctor and two intercultural mediators.

Opening days and hours of the mobile clinic in Rome

The mobile clinic is active on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons in various disadvantaged areas of the metropolitan city of Rome.

For further information about the location and the operating hours, email to

Sanità di Frontiera

Piazza Farnese, 44
00186 - Roma
C.F. 97871340580


(+39) 06 45508615
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