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In the summer 2018, Sanità di Frontiera Onlus and Beyond Lampedusa implemented and coordinated “IL GIARDINO” (The Garden). This project is a meeting place among cultures, and gaming is considered as a tool to integrate the children residing in family-type homes and reception centres.


The project is directed to the children from Palermo who live in vulnerable situations, as well as those who live in family-type homes and unaccompanied minors, and has the main objective to reduce educational poverty of the involved children, thus contributing to their upbringing and education through sports, arts and music. Recreational activities are carried out in support of the families in need when the schools are closed and they do not have the possibility to go on holiday, as well during the school year with extra-school activities.

Place of implementation

The venue identified in collaboration with the Municipality of Palermo is that adjacent to the premises of the Scuola Ievolella and CPIA (centre for adult education) located at the far end of via Dante, opposite Villa Malfitano. This venue is located in a strategic neighbourhood – which is historic and modern at the same time – amidst the neighbourhoods of Politeama and Noce, a quite central and densely populated area, the traditional place where the communities from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh live, today among the most numerous across the territory.

The beneficiaries and the organization of the action

The project beneficiaries are children and adolescents between 6 and 18 years from different contexts, minors with vulnerable families or who live in family-type homes, among whom unaccompanied minors integrated in the local host community.

The activities of the project “IL GIARDINO” aim at encouraging the development of creativity and imagination of the children and adolescents, coordinated by professional educators with specific experience in child development and cultural mediation.

The partners and the network

The project “IL GIARDINO” in Palermo was implemented by Beyond Lampedusa in partnership with Sanità di Frontiera in the summer 2018, with the patronage of CONI, in agreement with the city institutions and the services in charge of managing minors in family-type homes and of the reception of unaccompanied foreign minors (the city department for Youth Policies, School, Labour, Health of the Municipality of Palermo; fifth District, Schools).
Moreover, the network includes various associations operating at local level who deal with education, sports and culture, in order to ensure the full involvement in the project of the local associations active in the sector. Among the others, ASD Scuola di Atletica Berradi 091, Centro Tau, Stella Basket Palermo, Fondazione Federico II, Cooperativa Sociale Al Revès, Manifesta, Croce Rossa Italiana, Inter Campus, Fiorentina CAMP.

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