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Our actions in Italy for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups

Health Beyond Borders carries out health care projects in Italy, guidance to social assistance services and all of the services that fight against educational poverty, with the aim of contributing to  the level of health and well-being of adults and minors in vulnerable conditions.

Mobile Clinic “Salute e inclusione” (health and inclusion) in Rome

The unit has operated since October 2018 and delivers health care and social guidance to all the people in disadvantage.

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Psychiatric-Psychological for the youth

The new Psychiatric-Psychological Center in Rome, an easy-to-access center dedicated to young boys and girls where you can give them space for listening, support and help.

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An important scientific collection, in European coordination, to study the correlation between the effects of racial discrimination and the rise of diseases within ‘Rom’ children and teenagers.

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ReCreate: redesigning the future of girls and boys

Through the “Pedagogy of Desire” we work to reduce educational poverty in areas with a high rate of school dropout.

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Polo 8th City Hall

A new PSI Polo in Rome, in the VIII City Hall in order to be alongside teenage boys and girls and their families, activities, workshops and dedicated support.

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Mobile Clinic “Salute e inclusione” (health and inclusion) in southern Italy

Thanks to a partnership with the MEDU Organization, the mobile clinic was renewed and reactivated in December 2017 in favor of laborers.

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Ukraine Emergency

The war in Ukraine in a few days has caused the destruction of numerous civilian infrastructures and a dramatic number of victims.

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Covid emergency: the No Risks project

Information and awareness project against the Covid risks for ‘Rom, Sinti and Caminanti’: recovering the trust of the so called ‘excluded’ and restoring their dignity.

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The garden

The “garden” as a meeting place between cultures plays as a tool of integration for resident children and guests of family homes.

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Sanità di Frontiera

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