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Corriere della Salute del Migrante

The yearbook titled “Sanità di Frontiera: Il Corriere della Salute Migrante” (Sanità di Frontiera: The Courier of Migrants’ Health) was designed to provide, on the one hand, an in-depth analysis on specific data concerning migrants’ health in Italy by using OECD, EUROSTAT, ISTAT tables and indicators, etc., and on the other, the perspectives of migration medicine experts.

This publication edited by Giulio Cederna – available in the Italian version only – aims to deliver data on migration in Italy and stems from the conviction that foreign people’s fears – an increasing phenomenon in Italy today – are not generated by racism rather from a sort of short circuit. A short circuit fuelled by misinformation, vested interests and a malfunctioning reception and integration system, which often pushes migrants towards degradation instead of integrating those who land in our country in the respect for human rights and the need for well-being and human security for all of us.

The document intends to outline the state of health and well-being of migrants and host communities in Italy, thus contributing to demolish prejudice. The media and the public opinion too often point their finger at foreign people as “plague-spreaders” or as the cause of severe threat for the community’s health.

This research involved the key health workers active across Italy’s territory in the sector of migration medicine. Moreover, the data and figures published by national and international organizations such as ISTAT, EUROSTAT and OECD were collected and analysed, in order to generate a product that can be perceived as a useful tool and a point of reference for the experts.

This work has also the ambition to inform the public opinion, and to contribute to fostering realistic and positive migration narrative. Our commitment is devoted to delivering an unassailable publication on the front of scientific rigour, and easy to use by a large public thanks to the appealing graphics, pictures, storytelling, videos and maps. Among the others, SaniMApp, an interactive tool that may help foreign nationals access health care services in Lazio, created in collaboration by Sanità di Frontiera, GRIS Lazio, SIMM and Caritas.

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