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Our Research activity is led by the prestigious Scientific Committee, within the international Observatory for Health, an important program of Sanità di Frontiera.

It was created to contribute to the physical and mental and social well-being in Italy and worldwide, and to foster a healthy lifestyle, always with an eye to the main ongoing social and cultural changes, by listening constantly to the institutions, the doctors with their specific needs, the citizens and the other organizations working in the sector.

In addition to research and action, the Observatory is also committed to delivering updated information and data at the benefit of the institutions, thus helping them take the best decisions as possible.

Corriere della salute migrante

The yearbook titled “Sanità di Frontiera: Il Corriere della Salute Migrante” (Sanità di Frontiera: The Courier of Migrants’ Health) was designed to provide an analysis on specific data concerning migrants’ health in Italy.

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This app will provide you with some vital information if you don’t have a residence permit, and need health care in Rome and Lazio.

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