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Residential courses and migration medicine

The residential courses on “Health and Migration” contribute to fulfilling a specific need of our country system and support Italian doctors in their strong social commitment to managing and taking care of migrants by means of ad-hoc training trails.

The courses deliver a thorough overview of the issues relating to migration medicine also thanks to the participation of the main Organizations, which are committed in Italy in several respects.

The idea at the basis of the courses is that migrants’ health is closely connected to the host community’s and that an all-around vision of the migration phenomenon and its possible impact in terms of health and physical, mental and social well-being is required.   

The courses are organized in 1-day sessions: the first day is instrumental to contextualizing the current migration dynamics worldwide; the second one deals with the topics that are the most closely related to visible and invisible traumas suffered by migrants; the third one analyses the very clinical aspects on prevention, treatment and assistance in relation to the main diagnosed diseases; the final session is dedicated to the perspectives on the procedures of reception and health protection.

The training activity of Sanità di Frontiera has registered a high number of people applying for the courses, but a limited number of trainees can attend each course for obvious logistical and training reasons.

Current courses

Salute e migrazione: curare e prendersi cura



25-28 March 2019

I corsi residenziali “Salute e Migrazione” intendono contribuire a soddisfare uno specifico bisogno del nostro sistema-paese sostenendo il forte impegno sociale mostrato dai medici italiani attraverso l’attivazione di percorsi didattici che li supportino nella presa in carico e nella cura dei migranti.
I corsi offrono infatti un panorama completo delle questioni relative alla medicina della migrazione grazie anche alla partecipazione delle principali Organizzazioni che, a diverso titolo, sono impegnate nel settore  in Italia.

Stiamo organizzando il prossimo corso.
Continua a seguirci per restare sempre aggiornato sulle nostre iniziative.

Sanità di Frontiera carried out courses with:

LAMPEDUSA – December 2016

The first course organized in Lampedusa with Doctor Pietro Bartolo was an intense experience and an opportunity for professional and cultural enhancement given the geographical and “spiritual” proximity of the “border” recalled by the trainers as the meeting place between a doctor and a migrant.

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ASTALLI – September 2017

The cornerstone of the course organized in collaboration with Centro Astalli was the focus on the topics connected to cultural barriers, the traumas suffered by migrants and the subsequent psychological and emotional disorders and related treatment methods.

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CROCE ROSSA – February 2018

The collaboration with Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian red cross), who has always been committed to fostering the processes of inclusion and solidarity, added value to the course on outlining the methods to foster virtuous processes to support the weakest groups.

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