ASL Roma 1- july 2019

The Sanità di Frontiera Association, in collaboration with the Roma1 ASL, introduces the “Health and Migration: to cure and take care of” course.

The course will be held in Rome from the 22nd to the 25th of July 2019 and will take place in the theatre room of the Santo Spirito Hospital, in Via Penitenzieri. The course is subdivided into 4 training sessions: “The context”, An overview of the Italian system and its recipients”; “The intercultural and multidisciplinary approach to recognizing hidden wounds”; “Health collaborations: current state and good practices”.

Together with the Roma1 ASL experts, who collaborated on organising the course, speakers from IOM, Idos, SIMM, ASGI, UNHCR, ISS, MEDU, Save the Children and other important organisations engaged in this field in Italy will be involved.

The maximum number of participants is 40.

Participation in the course costs 150 euro per participant.
The cost represents a contribution towards the expenses necessary for the course’s organisation, such as those related to catering, teaching materials and travel costs for teachers attending from outside Rome.

Necessary requirements:
The course is open to the following professional categories:
Doctors (all disciplines); Nurses; Psychologists; Cultural Mediators; Social Assistants.
The following requirements assume precedence:

  • providing assistance to migrants in the context of one’s professional commitment (in particular to migrant children);
  • carrying out or having carried out volunteering activities in the immigration sector

Download the course program >>

How to participate:
To participate in the course, it is necessary to provide the following information:
Name, surname, date of birth. Profession (doctor, nurse, psychologist, cultural mediator, social assistant) and, for doctors, specialisation. Place of residence. Place and structure in which the professional activity is carried out. An indication whether assistance and/or volunteering activities in favor of migrants are provided or not and, if so, in which context and method.

The registration request can be forwarded in two ways:

  • By filing in the form below, making sure to insert all the required information indicated above or
  • Sending an email to the Organisational Secretary of the event at and including all the required information indicated above.
    Only those selected to attend the course will be notified by the Organisational Secretary confirming their course registration.
    In this occasion useful information on course participation will be provided.

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